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The pensioners in VPF "DSK-Rodina" will receive extra 100 lv.

6 January 2009

The Managing board of PIC “DSK-Rodina” AD has decided that 100 lv. will be added to the personal account of each pensioner in the Voluntary pension fund "DSK-Rodina" as a single additional installment.
All pensioners of the Voluntary Pension Fund „DSK-Rodina” who get paid pensions or regular payments from the fund by 01.12.2008 will receive extra 100 lv. in their personal accounts in the fund. The Company will send notifying letters to each of them. Obtaining the additional amount will happen after written consent from the pensioner. The insured person should approve the insurance on behalf of the pension company. The consent must be obtained in the Company by the end of January.
Additional payment is intended to offset the negative effects of the global financial crisis. “For 2009 we seek order to achieve profitability above the average for the market exceeding the inflation in the country. When investing money from the funds, we pay attention exclusively on risk analysis," said Stanislav Dimitrov, executive director of PIC "DSK-Rodina” AD.
45 780 persons have opened personal accounts in both voluntary funds of PIC “DSK-Rodina" AD by 30.11.2008.
Pension Insurance Company “DSK-Rodina” AD is part of the financial group of “DSK Bank”. Information about the insurance products can be obtained at the offices of “DSK Bank” in the country. In 2009 PIC "DSK-Rodina” AD will continue active involvement of insurance agents who sell insurance products and promote the benefits of additional pension insurance announced by the Company.

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